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iopsys portal

The app store
for embedded devices

The iopsys Portal is an application store for embedded devices which allows operators to manage the available applications, diagnose the CPE install base and allows Consumers to download and install new applications.

A communication engine client links the different devices using a communication protocol to the management server. The management server mediates the communication between the connected communication engines running on the different devices. The communication protocol used is XMPP, an already proven, scalable and robust protocol. The communication engine is available for embedded devices (C++), the management server (Java) and browsers (Java script library).

The communication engine can be compared with a TR69 client but is different in several ways:

·       Communicates in real-time

·       Provides transparent proxy capabilities

·       Provides file transfer capabilities

·       Provides the capability to be dynamically extended with modules

·       Traverses NAT without helpers

The communication engine, can be made available on any embedded platforms and is currently supported on: iOS, Linux and Mac.



The portal server manages the different home accounts and their connected communication engines. The communication engines, when active, have a constant TCP connection with the management server. This ensures the real-time response, which is needed for achieving a high quality of experience level for the consumer. The scalability of the portal is ensured by the use of clustering technology and connection managers. The connection managers off-load the management server for maintaining the high amount of open TCP connections.

The Portal Framework provides the actual application store functionality. The framework supports web widgets/applications. With the communication engine in Java script, fast development of new web applications becomes possible. Even more so, web interfaces from any remote web server can be embedded within the web widgets allowing for an extremely simple and fast integration with any third party service provider. The portal support single sign on for third party applications and widgets. To securely register new user accounts, a registration agent is used in the portal framework.

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A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


iopsys OS

A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


iopsys apps

Third party developers fill the portal with interesting apps.


iopsys partners

Our iopsys partners work with us in a symbiosis.


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