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Our iopsys partners

Welcome to the iopsys open source partner program. A major driving force for the development of iopsys is the desire to open up the CPE for third party developers of software. Inteno facilitates for third-party developers to deploy software on iopsys. Do you have interesting applications for the digital home and want to become a partner please contact us at



”Alleato has developed a hardware independent platform for secure services focusing on comfort solutions, assistance for seniors and elderly care, and home energy management, using gateway technology. The Alleato platform supporting different protocols e.g. Z-Wave and KNX, can be used by manufacturers and service providers as an operating system for home automation solutions.”



Anyfi Networks is the Swedish company behind the open Wi-Fi mobility platform Anyfi Networks' flagship solution lets Internet service providers deliver the home Wi-Fi user experience on the go. There is no subscriber registration process, no client-side software to install and no additional usernames or passwords to remember — it just works.


”KTC is changing how Swedish real estate, homes and residents use energy with pioneering applications of both systems, services and applications to monitor, control and changing energy.”



"Knopflerfish Pro OSGi. Bringing the OSGi App Store to the Home Gateway. OSGi Certified, HGI tested and fully supported."



”Netrounds offers an innovative and scalable cloud-delivered network performance test and monitoring solution that helps operators and IT operations to ensure that their networks and Internet services are accessible, usable and secure in order to deliver high end-user experience.”



”Storegate is a file storage and synchronization service for professional users which enables file sharing, synchronization, computer backup, file collaboration and cloud accessing through mobile apps. Storegate works with all known platforms in terms of computers, web browsers and smartphones. All users at Storegate is covered by the Storegate Cloud Guarantee.”


”Swedish ICT is a group of world-class research institutes in the forefront of ICT research and development. Our role is to drive and enable innovation by turning research into new products, processes, methods and services. We do this in collaboration with academia, industry and society. Swedish ICT is part of RISE.”


Yanzi is a game-changing innovative software company that enables operators and product manufacturers to connect things to the Internet in a quick and easy way. The cloud service delivery platform allows customers to wirelessly connect devices in a true Plug & Play fashion (Patent Pending). The Yanzi software is based on open standards and makes Internet of things dramatically easier to develop and deploy.

Our World map


Our base is in Sweden and the Nordic countries, but we have operations on several places around the world. Have a look at our world map!



A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


iopsys OS

A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


iopsys portal

The iopsys portal is an application store with a broad range of apps.


iopsys apps

Third party developers fill the portal with interesting apps.


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This is how a consumer can experience iopsys from Inteno.