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Already a broad range of apps

3rd party applications. A major driving force for the development of iopsys is the desire to open up the CPE for third party developers of software.

We envision that the CPE, which rapidly approaches a regular PC in power and performance, will be an attractive platform for the deployment of third-party services to end-users. Examples of these are:

- Home automation
- Alarm systems

- Care for the elderly

- Cloud services

Inteno facilitates for third-party developers to deploy software on iopsys. This includes software SDK’s and hardware support. We envision that the combination of a modular software stack, package management and remote configuration support will make it realistic to widely deploy third party software on an open source software platform.

In addition to third party development of applications Inteno are developing our own series of applications for both Gateways and smart phones. Below find short form descriptions.

Wifi Joe: Improves customer WiFi experience 


The Wifi Joe application provides several user friendly tools for iOS or Android devices:

Configure basic WiFI settings like SSID, security and password. Verify how the mobile device is connected to the internet and perform a speed test on the local Wifi and internet connection. See all devices that are connected to your Wifi network and their signal strength. Automatically detect the best Wifi configuration to guarantee the highest throughput performance for a specific spot in the home. Give your guests Wifi access without providing any username or password.

Home watch: Watch your home from anywhere


With Home Watch, one click is all it takes to get remote access to your cameras. Supported cameras are automatically detected and presented to the user once connected to the home network. On click is all it takes to accept the cameras using an iOS or Android smart phone. Select the video stream, see an overview of latest camera snapshots to select which camera feed to view.

File Me: Web access to your files

The File Me applications provide secure file access to all connected digital storage in your home. File Me allows you to access your home from any internet connected PC or iOS/Android device. File Me is providing the benefits from the cloud, with the safety and ease of use of having your storage at home.

Download datasheet WiFi Joe

Download datasheet HomeWatch

Download datasheet HomeControl

Download datasheet FileMe

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A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


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A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


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