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iopsys OS

The iopsys operating system

The Operating System combines the efficiency and power of the SOC with the OpenWrt open source distribution. It further enables the operator to leverage on the modularity of OpenWrt to integrate new applications to the CPE. In addition it enables the operator to a large extent take control of the deployed software either in house or through partners. iopsys OS becomes the Service Delivery Platform of the operator.


Key benefits of SOC

Excellent hardware support often including drivers for the necessary interfaces such as routing acceleration, DSL, Ethernet, VoIP, WiFi, USB etc. Regularly upgraded and updated drivers.

Key benefits of OpenWrt

OpenWrt is an open source distribution with an excellent overall user space environment, modular and flexible system design. It has a large and active development community and uses a world-class build system.

The kernel and device drivers provided by the SOC  are used to ensure full and timely hardware support. The BSP user space utilities are used to configure the device drivers. The utilities provided in the BSP are small, simple and therefore easily ported. With the development of the drivers, the utilities are further enhanced. Therefore, using both drivers and utilities from the BSP ensures the reliable operation of both entities. The BSP’s low-level drivers control the DSL, WiFi, FXS ports, DECT etc. ASTERISK is used to provide both VoIP client and any advanced VoIP functionality. The OpenWrt build system is used to build all software packages and final software. This includes all build utilities as well as the cross-compile tool chain. The OpenWrt user space structure and software is used for all CPE functionality. This includes root file system layout and configuration scripts. The OpenWrt package management system is used to enable modular installation and upgrades of software and third party applications. With regards to remote CPE management and configuration the free CWMP TR-069 client has been integrated and further developed to support TR-098/104/111 etc. TR-069 is with many operators the main protocol for software upgrades.

In addition to the TR-069 client we have developed a communication engine client that links different devices using a communication protocol to a portal server. The portal server mediates the communication between the connected communication engines running on the different devices. The communication protocol used for this is XMPP, already proven for its scalability and robustness.

Our World map


Our base is in Sweden and the Nordic countries, but we have operations on several places around the world. Have a look at our world map!



A smart way to open up the CPE - iopsys is complete software platform.


iopsys portal

The iopsys portal is an application store with a broad range of apps.


iopsys apps

Third party developers fill the portal with interesting apps.


iopsys partners

Our iopsys partners work with us in a symbiosis.


Alice discovers iopys

This is how a consumer can experience iopsys from Inteno.