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Our World map

Denmark From our office close to Copenhagen, we serve our clients with sales and logistics. Norway Sales, technical support and logistics are the services we offer in Norway. We also offer a broad range of products, within access and security. Sweden The headquarter of the Inteno world. Our Stockholm office hosts our research and development center and offers support and sales to our clients. Finland, Vasa Our most northern office serve our client with sales, technical support and logistics, within CPE, access and security.
Belgium Antwerpen is our European development center within portal and software applications as well as regional sales. Europe We have a number of resellers in Europe. If you want to get in touch, please go to Resellers. Finland, Helsinki Our office in the capital of Finland serves the market with sales and technical support. China We have located our production and logistics to the leading manufactoring region in the world. Taiwan An important center for development. Here we have OEM, partners and research & development.