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The scope: Agrowing elderly population is a challenge. For many of us it would be better if we in old age or during periods of illness could stay at home as long as possible - but this requires a safe and reliable technical solution. The pilot project with Telia will focus on making this a reality today.

  Conny Franzén

Conny Franzén shows the ”health gateway” that is being used in the pilot e-health project together
with Telia. 

Inteno makes e-health a reality
in co-operation with Telia

Inteno joins a pilot e-health project together with TeliaSonera in Sweden. Commercial launch is estimated in 2015.

The patient will get a ”health gateway” and a safety alarm pendent. The alarm pendent is wirelessly connected via DECT to the health gateway, enabling the patient to freely move around at home.

When pushing the alarm button it triggers an event in the health gateway that is sent upstream on a standardized protocol to the emergency center.

At the same time, a notification may be sent to family members - who can connect to and join alarm calls or talk directly to their relative and the emergency center.

Billion industry
Telia believes e-health will be a billion industry within a few years. According to a statement in Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest newspaper) by Malin Frenning, CEO of TeliaSonera Sweden, Telia aims to become the market leader.

The project is based on iopsys, the open software platform for the connected home, and the center of an eco-system that opens immense possibilities within the area “Internet of things”.

”In addition to the safety alarm the health care box will support various home automation protocols as well as the possibility to connect medical devices such as blood pressure and glucose monitors etc. via Bluetooth” says Conny Franzén.

”The technology is here and it is very interesting to participate in this project as it is in line with our strategy of broadening iopsys capabilities also within e-health”.


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