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Accent Equity Partners

An ambitious owner

Inteno is owned by Accent Equity 2012.

The Accent investment funds started in 1994. Since then, Accent funds have invested in some 70 companies. 

Accent’s ambition is to develop the portfolio companies into Swedish, Nordic, European or Global players through sustainable improvements of their operations as well as their strategic positioning. 

Accent Equity Partners AB, is an advisor to all Accent Equity funds and as such, identifies investment opportunities where the funds can serve as catalysts for change. The purpose of the transformation is to create Nordic, European or global market leaders through sustainable improvements in operations as well as strategic positioning.

Our World map


Our base is in Sweden and the Nordic countries, but we have operations on several places around the world. Have a look at our world map!


Our vision is to become the leading supplier of CPE solutions.


Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative CPE solutions.


Our company is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever our products are manufactured.

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